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The "Misty Method" of early housetraining



Contrary to the common belief; potty training is ideally started at the age of 3 to 3 1/2 weeks of age when they begin to become upwardly mobile.  At this time I set up their living accomodations so that there is one place to sleep,eat and play as well as an area to eliminate. The mother dog will work tirelessly to keep the bedding area clean, but once they start eating solid foods momma dog will naturally start to pull back so this is the ideal time to start potty training.

     The Misty Method is quite simple really. It was originally named by a breeder of Halvanese named Bev Dorma. She put the ideas that are put forth in nature by mother wolves  into a format that could be taken on by an responsible breeder of domestic dogs. Mother wolf would start to take her pups outside of the den to do their business. In this way she taught them not to soil their bed. When puppies awaken they need to piddle right away so by being aware of this we can train our puppies with ease.

         This early realization that there is one place to do their piddles and poops is a great thing for them to learn so that when they come home with their famillies they instinctvely know that they should not just go anywhere in the house. I also take it the next step so that by 5-6 weeks we are heading outside so all my puppies learn that the yard is where they are to go to the bathroom.

       So, when the puppies awaken I put them onto the paper side right away. I put the bathroom area away from the door area so that when anyone enters the room and they instinctively get excited and jump all over they don't get all messy. If the bedding area is closest to the entryway then they don't step into any poops. It is best to cover the poops with a layer of paper rather than completely clean it away so that the scent is left there to remind them later ... this is the place to go.

        All in all by the time your puppy comes home with you they should be well on their way to being housetrained so you can just carry on what I have started here. I am committed to each puppy during their time here and spend all of my time (day & night) with them.