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                 Comments from satisfied Redfox Boston Owners

 Rooney-from Zoe

Rooney has settled into our home so well. He is really so wonderful and we love him so much. Thank you so much for all you did for him before he came home with us. We can't believe how much he has completed our lives. We quite simply can't imagine our lives without him. He is everything we wanted in a dog and so much more. -signed Rooney's family

 Roxy-from Zoe

Roxy is truly remarkable and we love her so much. Thank you for letting us become her new family. She and her new friend Smudgie have become such great pals. Those two adore each other. -signed Roxy's family

Gunnar Murphy-

Gunnar has been the shining light at the end of a hard day, he is always there for a cuddle and a kiss.  Just wanted to let you know all is well and Gunner seems to be settling in very nicely.  We are all very happy to have him home. He has been so good, just going with the flow as we have been so very very busy since he came into our lives. He will sit, stay, come, jump up and shake a paw on demand for her.   Our daughter is now working on lie down and roll over.  He’s pretty mellow but definitely has his moments of excitement.  He has a nightly routine we call the “Boston 500” where he runs in full circles between the doorways of the kitchen and family room – usually a sign he is ready for his nightly bathroom run. 

He has been so amazing.  He has grown so much.  He's doing really well and has had no problems adjusting to his new home or our busy lifestyle.  He has been out and about a lot including a day trip to Parksville, a soccer tournament and even a model airplane show which I thought he might be a bit timid at but we just all acted very happy and excited and he was just fine.  I can't tell you how many people have commented on what a wonderful demeanor he has... and everyone wants to stop and pet him and hear all about his story.  He is doing quite well at night in his crate, settles down quickly now and seems to know the routine.  He absolutely loves to play tug of war. We love all the little noises he makes when he plays. Just wanted to let you know we're all doing great and Gunnar has just adapted so well.   -signed Gunnars family

Emma-born June, 2009 from Zoe and Brodie

Emma is doing fine, she is up to date on all her needles.  She is everyones favourite. We are having a great time with her, my wife loves her. Everybody picks her up and hugs her etc.  We go for walks at the mall every morning before any traffic is there and she can run loose.   She has long legs and stands as tall as Brodie.  They have a great time when they get together.  I always wanted a Boston and we are thrilled to have her. She is such a joy. -signed Emmas daddy

Logan-from Zoe

He's a happy fellow and likes everyone. We're going to Puppy Obedience Training the first of November and Beginners Level in the New Year.. Logan's doing pretty well even without it. He sleeps every night in his crate now - no crying or protesting about getting in, but he greets us with ecstasy when we come down in the morning and let him out.  Then outside straight away to do his business.  He doesn't wet the bed and is pretty much accident free in the day, too. He has a lovely temperament. -signed Logans family

Emmy-from Zoe

Emmy is doing great on our end.  She is such a little princess Growing quickly and eating like a little piggy.  We put the rest of our fence panels on so she now has the entire back yard to run around in.  She loves it.  She is loving playing outside.  She has a soccer ball out there that she plays with.  We have a little wool jacket for her that keeps her nice and warm on her walks.She is doing so well though.  I cant beleive how fast she has grown.  and she loves going for walks..
Right now she is flaked out on the couch snoozing up.  Such a sweet heart.                      
 - signed Emmys family

Chester from Zoe

Having a lot of fun with Chester, he sure is a great addition to the family.  He likes to boat and he loves his new mommy and is a delight to have. Chester is the love of my life. He is so cute and watching him brings me joy that only a boston lover can relate to. Baxter (the famillies other Boston) was more than a little surprised when I brought him home. I think he was thinking Chester was going to leave when my daughter and grandson left. But then that didn't happen so he has adjusted to the fact that Chester is just part of the pack now. 
So Chester is the traveler. He has been boating (that was great he was so good) of course he didn't even realize he was boating. Then when we flew home he didn't realize he was flying, just takes everything in stride. I can't go anywhere with him without getting stopped by; "OMG is that a Boston," or well well what do we have here - what's his name, my but he looks like a Chester." or where did you get him? Funny Eh! I guess you get that a lot.
All of my friends want to come over and have a cuddle but I've been unable to even do that. Mostly family has been the only ones up to now. Cindy you got a great kid in your son, he's good with dogs and has your gift.  Well I'll send pics as soon as I figure that one out. Thank you so much. MANY BLESSINGS...
signed - Marion Peter Baxer and Chester.
Stanley from Maggie
Stanley is a doll he's so good at going potti outside and Stella is warming up to him a bit.I can't believe how well you've gotten these little guys trained already.. You really are an awesome breeder and I would recommend you to anyone looking for a puppy.. I will keep in touch of course and there will be photos hes just far too handsome to not photograph. Take care Cindy and don't you worry about Stanley we'll take good care of him..

 Eddie from Maggie

I cannot believe they are potty training!  You are awesome!  You have done a fabulous job with him!  No crying or whining at all!  He slept on the couch with Thea and in his crate, which he went to by himself. What a ham and a great little friend. He is doing so well.

Rosie born June 25th, 2010 - Maggie & Henry

Just thought I would give you an update on Rosie ... she's doing great :)  Did you teach them "leave it" to some extent or are Bostons that happy to please that even puppies will listen when told not to chew certain things?  I am AMAZED at how much control she has over herself when she's told to leave one of Katelyn's toys that she'd really REALLY like to play with!  So again, thanks for all of the time that you spent with her making her the perfect pet, I can't believe what a difference it makes!!-she has got to be the best pup, such an amazing temperament.

Stanley from Maggie

...Stanley is such a doll, I can't believe how well you had him trained already. You really are an awesome breeder who I would reccomend to anyone looking for a Boston puppy. Even the vet was so impressed with him all around.

Rupert from Zoe 

 Rupert is doing so well.  He is really adjusting to his new schedule.  Last night he slept in his crate all night from 10-6 without a peep. He is so lovely, he really loves our company. He is doing great and is such a social guy.

Penny from Zoe

Penny (who's name we might change because I don't think it's quite her) is doing REALLY well. She's so well behaved and loves us. She is sleeping in her crate with the door open and wakes up once around 2:30am...but with a little rub she falls back to sleep. She loves being with me, just dying to get my lap any chance she can get! So funny! She curls up and falls asleep right precious!

Thank you for raising the sweetest little girl - I honestly couldn't ask for more in a breeder!



Sent from a Boston Terrier fan of our babies...
With my thanks... for sharing the joy of your "fur family"..
the pictures have been amazing;
to watch from delivery of their lives,
to the stages of their lives, seeing their personalities
watching them grow, only to see them leave one by one .
I must say though my favorites by far are the ones you sent today.
Because today's pictures show all joy, all personality of all your family!
Comments from a new families just after the pups were born
*Zoe looks so good for just giving up 6 babies, I can't believe it. All of them look so healthy, they are lucky to have you.
*I've been following Zoe's pregnancy and I'm still very interested. He is soooo...cute, we can hardly wait!! I have loved the journey with the pups and I think you guys are great!!  Best of Luck to Zoe.

Our family would be absolutely delighted to have the opportunity to have one of your Boston Terrier puppies join our family. I am certainly thrilled to hear so many wonderful details about our puppy and Mom Zoe and the rest of the crew.  They are all absolutely beautiful and I can't wait to share these pictures and much more info from your website with everyone here tomorrow morning.   I'm not sure I'll be able to sleep much now as I am so excited as I know the rest of the family will be also.
*We are also strong proponents of "everything happens for a reason".  We have given serious thought to this decision for a very long time now and somehow everything has just seemed to naturally fall into place.  It just feels like the perfect fit for us. 
*I will share the news with the children in the morning.  They are already so excited at the potential.  
Thank you again; we can't wait to meet you and our new puppy and the rest of his family!