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 Puppy Prices and Conditions

"The bitterness of a poor-quality dog will linger long after the sweetness of a cheap price is forgotten." 

 Email me a little bit about yourself if you'd like to be considered

for my waiting list 


Email me and learn more about our family team

I do have an ever growing waiting list so if you think you might be interested please click the contact us link and send me a note telling me a little bit about yourself like what your living situation is along with what you are ideally looking for in a Boston Terrier, male or female, brindle or black etc...

 If you are on my waiting list I will contact you when we have a confirmed pregnancy and you can follow the pregnancy until the pups are born. I usually exray in the final week to determine the approximate number of puppies and their sizes, however we are never 100% sure on this until the delivery day. I also will keep you saturated with email photos of momma and your puppy once it arrives, along with regular updates with their weights and milestones.

Inquire regarding prices

Price includes veterinary health check up (Parent dogs tested JHC clear) with first vaccination and 3 wormings and a complete puppy pack (,leash,harness, quality food starter, dog treats and toys with fleese blanket with mum`s scent on it for easy transitioning).  Also included will be a complete photo diary of your puppy & siblings from birth through to adoption day, along with breed information and training tips.


***sample only of puppy pack each puppy takes home with them. 


I stand by my puppies for their entire lives and am here for their adoptive famillies for advice and support .

A deposit of  half the total cost is required to hold your puppy (due when you have been matched with your puppy) with the balance (the remaining half) being made on or before the day you take your puppy home.

All final placements are to be 100% at my disgression as it is of the utmost importance that you be matched with the right puppy for your personal situation. I will work tirlessly to make this connection for you.

Coming and visiting your puppy on a regular basis ( weekly from the age of 2 weeks ) until the day you take them home with you is a necessary and increadibly important part of adopting one of my puppies. There are rare times when a distance placement is made that the visits may be bypassed but these are rare circumstances. This early interaction makes the transitioning to your home painless for both you and your puppy as they will already know your scent and voice from the visits and you will have developed a relationship with them as well.  I put 100% of my time energy, knowledge and love into these puppies from conception untill they go home with you to be sure you are getting the best possible   Boston Terrier companion. I expect the same from my famillies.

All adoptions are to be on a non-breeding contract which you must sign prior to taking your puppy home with you.

Breeding Boston Terriers is not an easy task and should not be undertaken by just anyone. Much intervention is often necessary to save both the mother during whelping as well as the ensuing puppies including xraying and frequent c-sections owing to their very large square skulls. It is a common occurrence that intervention is necessary during the birthing process. For this reason and others I require that all of my puppies be sold with a non-breeding contract and that they be spayed or neutered when they reach maturity.