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                         Bio Sensor method of creating Super Puppies

     At Redfox Boston Terriers I have always use the Bio-Sensor Method of stimulating my newborn puppies. Below is explanation of just what this method entails and will mean to you and your puppy.

     In an effort to improve the quality of puppies to be used by the Military; Bio-Sensoring was developed. Based on years of research they realized that with earily neurological stimulation one can create a superior puppy that is easier to train and using these technics faithfully has proved that this earily intervention has long lasting effects.

     This program utilizes five exercises to be carried out by the handler daily from the third day of life until the sixteenth day. They may be carried out in any order but need to all be done in succession to each and every pup, one puppy at a time.

1. TACTILE STIMULATION-This involves the puppy being held on it's back while the handler tickles each foot with a Q-tip or your fingers being sure to go between each toe. This should be carried out for 3-5 seconds. It is not necessary to see that the puppy feels this stimlulation, they might just seemingly sleep through it. 

 2. HEAD HELD ERECT-Using both hands the puppy is held perpendicular to the ground (vertically), so that the head is directly above the tail. This stimulation is to be carried out for 3-5 seconds. 


3. HEAD POINTED DOWN-Holding the puppy firmly with its head pointed towards the ground. This stimulation should be carried out for 3-5 seconds.



4. SUPINE POSITION-Hold the puppy so that it's back rests in both palms with it's nose facing the ceiling. The pup while on it's back is allowed to sleep or struggle during this exercise. Time in this position 3-5 seconds.


5.THERMAL STIMULATION-In this exercise the idea is to cool the puppy so as to wake them up. Put them on a cool surface paws down and allow them to move about keeping your hands close by so they don't fall off of the surface. Do not restrain it from moving about. Time of this stimulation 3-5 seconds. 


     These exercises should be carried out on one puppy at a time once daily only but can be in any order as long as all are done. Do not carry these out for longer than the allotted time or for more than once daily as it can have adverse and detrimental effects. Experience shows that some puppies will appear unconcerned while others will resist the exercises. These differences do not affect the outcome. The resulting puppies have shown in blind studies to be more active learners all around and this is why I choose to carry out these exercises on all my puppies here at Redfox Bostons.

     These exercises impact the neurological system by kicking it into gear earlier than it would normally expected. Those who routinely play with their puppies should continue to do so in additon to carrying out these exercises as the neurological stimulations are not a substitute for normal play and socialization. I have always done both with my puppies. I do all these things and more to help to create the very best companion dog I can for each and every family who becomes a forever family for one of my pups.

     There are five area's that have proven to be enriched by the Bio-sensor enrichment.

1.Improved cardio-vascular performance (heart rate)

2.Stronger heart beats

3.Stronger adrenal glands

4.More tollerence to stress

5.Greater resistance to disease

     In tests of learning the stimulated pups were found to be more active and were more exploritory than their non-stimulated littermates over which they were dominant in competetive situations.

Here were are again...having gotta love these guys!