Redfox Boston Terriers

Home of Quality Companion Boston Terriers, Vancouver Island

                                        A bit about us...

I live on beautiful Vancouver Island with a pack of energetic Boston Terriers. I breed well rounded dogs for sound personality, conformation, temperament and intelligence, dogs that stay as true to the standard as possible if not improving on it.

Let me first start off by saying that Redfox Boston Terriers is NOT a kennel and my dogs all live in my smoke free home with my family. I do not sell to Pet Stores, puppy brokers or Puppy Mills. I am a small in home breeder and my dogs are members of my family. I breed for quality & temperament, that being of paramount importance keeping the best interest of my dogs first always in mind.


I have been involved with dogs my entire life, whether it was in rescue work, grooming and showing, veterinary care as well as never being without a canine companion my entire lifetime. I first fell in love with a young Boston Terrier 30 years ago while working at a veterinary clinic as a Veterinary Assistant. It was then I knew one day I too would be owned by a Boston. This was a longer journey than I first expected but once I adopted my first Boston I knew then that no other breed would ever own me. The age old expression that they are "a big dog in a little dog's body" holds true on all accounts. They are true gentlemen/women whose high intelligence makes them easy to train and a joy to have as a part of your family. They are not yappy and seem only to want to please you. My Boston's are companions who will need to live indoors with you and your family.

My pack like nothing better than to be at my side doing whatever it is I am doing whether that is hiking the beaches and forests or just hanging out in the yard with them or on the couch together. They are a breed that sheds very little and can live in either a condo or on a large acreage as long as their owner devotes time daily to walking and exercising them.

My primary interest is for my dogs well being along side of their puppies as well as their prospective owners. I take great pride and time in placing my pups with the right famillies; those who will afford them the same quality of care and love they would receive here in my home.

I take great pride in their incredible temeraments and superior intelligence, as well as their great sense of humour. They truly are canine clowns and will entertain you 24/7. This may be my favorite trait if I were to choose just one. Bostons will create games independently to play with their pack or on their own. This is a very ingenious trait that shows just how clever they naturally are. 

 Bostons love nothing better than to "mouth wrestle" with their own kind. This activity will both entertain as well as tire them out completely. 

Having a pack at home myself allows me to enjoy this activity on a daily basis, but I rely greatly on visiting family dogs and friends for socialization outside of our family group. This time spent together is a great opportunity for new and old puppy owners to get together and compare notes as well as opportunities a plenty for photographing our little clowns as they mingle with their family and friends.

We are never too busy to have fun either!


A Birthday party for all my friends....Bostons do love to party 




Halloween dress up photo shoot with family




I believe strongly in the Bio-sensor plan for creating Super puppies and have always done this with all my puppies. I think you will see just how special and superior this process makes them. Easier to train and of superior intelligence my puppies are easier to handle as adult dogs. Check the link to read about the Bio Sensor Program and how it will help your puppy long before it comes home with you. I also use the Misty Method of early potty training from the time the pups reach the age of about 3 weeks. This is an early intervention to make house training easier once your puppy comes home with you.

I try to have only one litter at a time (sometimes mother nature has other ideas) so as to allow 100% for each and every puppy. They are raised in my home while being exposed to kids, cat, visitors and the normal noises of family living. This helps to prepare them for living in your home. Below we are visiting a friends dogs for a run and socialization time.


They spend the first 2-3 weeks in my bedroom where I can be ever watchful for their triumphs or troubles. Many a puppy has been nursed in my own bed in the middle of the night when their momma was too tired to get up and nurse the litter but she will always allow a private nursing if shes cuddled on my bed.

I am available to you 24/7 for the lifetime of your puppy for everything from questions to troubleshooting difficulties as well as family boarding for you whenever you cannot take your Boston with you on holidays. This gives your dog both a time to reconnect with their fur-family and I here as well as enjoying our daily exercise, free service quality dog food and homemade treats a plenty. No kennels here just dog beds, toys, love and all the playtime they can handle. I encourage and actually insist upon new families to visit weekly wherever possible (from 2 weeks onward) with their puppy to create a strong bond; along with naming them early on so I can start to use their name as soon as possible. Puppies will know their names and be well on their way to being housebroken by the time they leave my home and go to yours.

They will have had their first vaccinations, veterinary health check-up, three wormings and will come with a full puppy pack with by the time they come home with you. No puppy will leave here until they are fully weaned and be a minimum of 8 weeks of age. This allows them time to be educated canine style by the adult dogs so they are well on their way to being good canine citizens. This socialization is imperative to them becoming well rounded adult dogs.

Please check out the LINKS page for information on both the Orijen dry and canned Beef Tripett food that I feed exclusively to all my dogs and puppies.

Walking the pack in the Santa Claus Parade


 visiting extended family for a run and ball chase


........then into the pool to cool off after a great run


 .....and treats to finish off the fun


 As you can see here by the looks on the faces in these pictures there is nothing more enjoyable for my pack than to go to their families home to run and play with their cousins, parents and grandparents.