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"Until one has loved a Boston Terrier a part of ones soul remains un-awakened"



     Truer words were never spoken. I am a small breeder of quality companion Boston Terriers. I only breed to create a better Boston so that future generations can enjoy all that this breed has to offer. They are a wonderful all around dog, who is easy to train and maintain, low shedder and will be the energetic friend you have always wanted for hiking and exploring the outdoors or just as easily the couch potato-mate to keep your feet warm with to watch TV. 

        What I aim to do is to create healthy, happy examples of the breed. Our  number of pups available is small as I only breed keeping in mind the health and well being of my girls.

     Their well being is number one and they are full members of our family. Each and every puppy that leaves our home comes with a 100% guarantee of both health and temperament for their first year of life (as after that time both health and temperament can be affected by outside influence and should not be considered hereditary).  

Despite the JHC gene never showing up thus far my parent dogs are tested JHC (Juvenile Hereditary Cataracts) clear.

I do not do Baer ear testing as there is no deafness in my line going back over 25 years. This test is of primary concern to colored Boston Terriers.  I am not a color breeder. My line is brindle and black and white with the occasional seal color but no colored Bostons. It is an entirely different line to my own. While a great tool if available is not one that I am ready to embark on at present.

There has been a lot of fervor around testing, testing, testing every puppy because of all the puppy mill dogs out in the pet stores etc. They have brought with them a host of issues good Boston Terrier breeders have not had to deal with as the breed is very healthy still and hasn't be subject yet to the popularity swings that tend to cause bad breeding and health problems.

I know my lines history going back well over 25 years for both health as well as temperaments.  I know that we haven't had the many issues showing up in the mill dogs today like, early deaths from cancer, thyroid dysfunction and patella injuries or irregularities.

To this end I do not test for OFA (hips/large breed issue), Pen Hip or SAS (also large breed issues not Bostons), Thyroid (it is suggested susceptible dogs be screened for this only). And thyroid has not shown up in any but extremely elderly dogs in my line so is also not of concern here.

I have had the same veterinarian as the breeder who started my line did so my vet knows my lines medical history going back that far.

While you can test for almost everything under the sun, vet records of perfect health overall for 25+ years speaks volumes and has been of more primary concern for my puppy families.

Our pups can come back any time throughout their lives if for any reason a puppy cannot stay with their owner. In fact this is a mandatory requirement of adopting one of our puppies as I will make sure they are re-homed to the best most suited family or if they are older they may just live out  their lives here.

        Further all our dogs are to be spayed or neutered as they are to be family pets and lifelong companion animals only.

The proper placement of each and every puppy is extremely important to me so I will ask you a lot of questions about your family, living arrangements etc, not to pry into your private lives but to ensure only the best placement for my puppies. 

Therefore, I reserve the right to refuse the sale of any puppy at any time during our visits to a home I may deem as inappropriate. I take very seriously the placement of each baby.   

     I want only to share what I have experienced having these loving little characters with other families while keeping the breed standards intact. This is what I offer you. Read more on what I do for each puppy right from their moment of birth here.  They will win your heart very quickly if you let them. And they really are like potato can't have just one.



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